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I am Tammy B. Herod and I am the owner and operator of Tammy's Hair Gallery "Where Looking Good is Understood".  I have been in business for an amazing 34 years! Let me say that it has been an incredible experience! I am an advocate and proprietor of healthy hair and enhancing the total client at Tammy's Hair Gallery.


Professionalism is what I take pride in when it comes to my business, hair care and cosmetics. I am a graduate of Dudley Cosmetology University. I recently graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelor of Art degree in Business Administration. Furthermore, I am currently a Dudley Ambassador and Creative Artist on the Dudley Beauty Corp, product style team. We retail and wholesale Dudley Products and cosmetics.


My salon is a place of relaxation. My ultimate goal is to enhance each of my clients by helping them feel beautiful inside and out. Tammy's Hair Gallery is a place where you will receive a total salon experience. A place where your mind, body, and soul are rejuvenated when you leave. Tammy's is a place you look forward to coming for your appointments and leave completely satisfied. 


I specialize in a variety of styles and service eyebrows, eyelashes, eyebrow waxes, weaves and much more. Relaxer, permanent waves, natural style and my favorite refining your hairstyle with shears.

Remember- I am here for you. My goal is to make your salon experience relaxing and complete. 

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